Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to our Pay Per Call Program.

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How do you generate calls?

We use a combination of many things to get the phone calls generated including but not limited to buying ads, search engine optimization, social media, multiple platforms and websites, etc… We make the phone ring with customers that are genuinely interested in your service. The customer sees one of our listings, they call the phone number, the phone number goes directly to your phone. There is no middleman answering the phone call so you get the lead unfiltered and exclusively.

How do I know I won’t be billed for bad/junk calls?

We listen to all calls, screen and filter what is billable so that you aren’t charged for junk calls.

Leads Are NEVER Shared Or Resold.  They are exclusive leads.

Do you mess with my website?

No. We do not touch your website or any of your internet properties. We do not use your business name. This allows you to have piece of mind that we will not do anything to change your brand image.

Do you guarantee jobs or work?

No. We do not sell guaranteed jobs. We are guaranteeing the phone calls, it’s your job to convert them into a sale. We guarantee that we will not bill you for a call from someone that isn’t interested in using your service or out of your service area.

What is a billable call?

Any calls with intent for your service type and in the service area that you choose. Missed calls (during your hours of operation).   If we can’t hear a sales room or salespeople in the background it’s a billable call. •  If we don’t hear a robo call or message playing it’s a billable call. •  Call them back.  You still haven’t lost their business.  Remember the faster you call them back, the higher the chances to close them.

Can you guarantee that all of the calls will be residential, commercial, installs, etc…?

No. Calls are a mix of all types. They could be residential, commercial, repairs, installs, etc… The calls will be exclusive and only going to you. These are high value phone calls that aren’t shared or split with other companies.

How do I know when I receive a call from you?

We give you access to a control panel with access to recordings of your phone calls that were sent by us. This way you can see how each call was handled and can be an invaluable tool when it comes to training employees. We also have a “whisper” message that says you are receiving the phone call from us, so that before you speak with the customer you will already know where the phone call came from.

How much to get started? / How is billing handled?

Generally we ask for a small deposit which is equal to 10 calls to start.  When your deposit balance is depleted we charge you for the next batch.

Calls are exclusive.  You are not charged for spam/sales calls or people looking for a job.

No Long Term Contracts, Just Give us Notice to Cancel.

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